Haunted Morristown

Jeremiah Lexer Plantation

7588 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy Talbott 37877, This property was the original plantation home of Jeremiah Lexer and his family during the 1800’s and was held by the the extended Lexer family until his heirs sold the property in 1948. The original plantation house still stands today, directly on Hwy 11-E. Also, accompanying the house, is the original concrete staircase which leads down the bank to the Highway. The Jeremiah Lexer story was a tragic, dark day for Hamblen County. After slaughtering his family, within the home, on July 5, 1902, Lexer committed suicide by leaping to his death from the 2nd floor window of the plantation house. Unfortunately, it was discovered that it was not Lexer’s first killings on the property. When the investigation completed, a staggering 31 bodies were discovered on this property. The carnage and brutality of the murders shocked and forever changed Hamblen County. In recent years, it was revealed that the social elite paid and bribed the newspaper and other media to not run detailed stories about what was discovered. The powerful leaders of Hamblen County attempted to sweep it under the rug, as they feared this would scare people away and would bring an end to the already-struggling local economy. Their efforts worked for the most part as most people outside of the Hamblen County area heard nothing of it. Few stories were made of it and the community passively agreed to allow the atrocities to slip into the darkness. A little girl can often be seen in the 2nd bedroom, gazing out of the window, facing the East. Many people driving on 11-E report seeing a man with an axe outline peering out of the windows. Recently, this property has been used as a restaurant but closed after too many documented accidents. Many blame the spirits of the past as previous workers cite specific examples of this property being infested with restless spirits. Some stories have included violent, paranormal activity – others passive experiences. Multiple paranormal groups have verified activity. Today, the original Jeremiah Lexer property opens seasonally as a widely-acclaimed Haunted Attraction named “Frightmare Manor”. This is a privately owned property.